The greatest sumo grand champions
11/21/2021 14:13:01
   ავტორი : ბექა ხოჯავა.

There have been a grand total of 73 men in sumo history who have carried the prestigious title of sumo grand champion A.K.A. yokozuna. We will be counting down the 10 greatest ones of them according to our taste.

10. Akebono Taro

Hawaiian Chadwick Haheo Rowan was the first non-japanese citizen to wear a yokozuna white belt. During the time span between 1992 and 2000 dark-skinned goliath captured the emperor's cup 11 times. 

9. Musashimaru Koyo

The second non-japanese yokozuna turned out to be even more successful than the previous one as Feamalu Penitani raised the emperor's cup 12 times during 14 years long career as a rikishi.

8. Wajima Hiroshi

Good-looking Japanese hero Wajima Hiroshi managed to win 14 sumo grand tournaments in the 70-s fighting against the sumo greats like Kitanofuji and Kitanoumi. 

7. Futabayama Sadaji

Widely regarded as one of the greatest sumo wrestlers in history Futabayama Sadaji completed 12 sumo grand tournaments with the best record among his peers. His record of 69 consecutive victories set in 1940 is still unbeaten.

6. Asashoryu Akinori

The great ex-yokozuna started Mongolian dominance over Japanese traditional sport with his 25 titles in the 2010-s. 

5. Kitanoumi Toshimitsu

The youngest-ever yokozuna managed to win 24 sumo grand tournaments in one of the periods of sumo history.

4. Takanohana Koji

The great Japanese yokozuna was the dominant figure in sumo during the 90-s. He raised the emperor's cup above his head22 times during the reign of two Hawaiian yokozuna respectively 10th and 9th members of our list. His own brother Wakanohana Masaru was among his rivals too.

3. Taiho Koki

Half Ukrainian half Japanese yokozuna's 32 emperor's cups are the second most in sumo history.

2. Chiyonofuji Mitsugu

The wolf Dominated the sumo world during the tough 80-s as he won 31 sumo grand tournaments during that period.

1. Hakuho Sho

The White Peng is the only man in sumos history to win more than 40 grand tournaments. He holds almost every sumo record but one mentioned above in the Futabayama section. There are few if any arguments against the great Mongolians GOAT case in one of the most traditional sports in human history.