The wave of time demonstrates that there is no feeble mind in the midst of the rumbling sea where many dreams fades like a mustard seed. The time tickles, the morning breaks and the cock crows, but the enthusiastic friendship brings the dream into reality. 

The life driving force beyond the sky - can friendship growth decide my dreams?
01/05/2021 04:27:41
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Have you ever thought of the difference between lonely life and life alone?

Most times, the battle we fight against comes to the reality of our fears, but the silence of the mind brings the vocal peace and undesired stability for self victory as we keep standing tall by the energetic fibers of the spirit. The wave of time demonstrates that there is no feeble mind in the midst of the rumbling sea where many dreams fades like a mustard seed. Everyone needs each other in times like this when things are not turning up the way they should.

The dream within comes from the impact, aimed to sustain the generation. You think of something which needs to be achieved in the next few years, that is your dream. It is the vision that has driven you into the mission which is the process you are into.

We all wants to be great with remarkable impact but can life alone set the peak? 

Whenever I meet with new friends, I always realize that there are some heights you cannot attain, without the experience of friendship. The way we all view this critical discussion, comes from our background encounter. Many people make comments like, ''I do not like friends from that country because that other guy just stole my wrist watch the time he visited my place''. This is seems like an encounter that has taught you a lesson but should you judge your next neighbor based on what you have experienced?

There are people who nature gives as friend but turns to be part of the family within a space of time. They make things easy whenever you are around them and they put in their effort to ensure that the friendship is not ruined in any way. They are part of the force that keeps you moving especially when you get to the rumbling sea with heavy rain and a rattling thunder, their comfort becomes the peace that keeps the ship stable.

The trace of error

I have met with different people, from different background only to discover that so many people keep friends base on what they want to gain and what the friend has to offer. Your background can determine what you really want but I prefer the backbone to be on mutual benefit. 

For instance, many students tend to remember their friends during seminars and exam period just because they want to pass the course but do not really know how the friend has been struggling to make ends meet, even before the exam. You cannot call this a friendship because after the exam, the name fades off from the memory except when need arise. These set of people can make true friendship if they actually understands what it entails. But this is different from teaching the student before the exam, of which no person will like to turn down such request. 

I have tried accessing this fact based on the association with people from different countries and belief, only to have the spark that few persons really make the friendship sweet but they are scares. The people with this different mindset are people that have been exposed to different culture and belief, and they have the friendship passionate attitude that I enjoy when in their circle.

There are certain people that you might never desire to have as friends, probably, because of your level of education or belief as well as sex. Why on earth should these factors be considered? I think that a psychologist can answer the question. But the focus is that friendship is a mutual benefit, not minding the country, belief and age differences. So many people have missed certain opportunity because they involve religion and culture in dealing with their peers. The view is really nice but can your hidden treasure be unlocked if opportunities keeps leaving your door post. 

Not everyone can be in your circle but you can allow your love to reflect on them with a pure mind. 

Let the unseen battles not determine any friendship with chance of the same vision and mission. Humanity is meant for each other and your best friend can be my worst enemy. Counting life without enemy makes thing more complicated. There is no bridge that is built overnight and no hero emerges without a story.

The odd days and hard times with unfriendly friends can be the sweetest memory which put smiles on the face of someone with similar situation. They might be there from the start but the various standards which they set can get you off their track. Yes, everyone have their standard but does yours fit with the circle you roll with.  

Compelling your vision with the one your best friend has, can be fruitful but very dangerous. Consider the life of Dr. Ben Carson, when he was 33years old, he severed as the Director of Pediatric at the John Hopkins Children's Center for nearly 30years. Today, he is the role model of many medical practitioners and students because of his impact as a neurosurgeon.

Reflecting on his brief history, it got to the point when he had the vision and almost gave up on who destiny assigned him to be. This was as a result of the relationship probably with one of his teachers who proved to him that the dream is not dead yet but is a hidden treasure which must be unveiled.

It is preferable to choose your dream and follow it up with the rest of the factors which can bring it to fulfillment. Some of my friends are studying the course that they never opted out for just because the parents made the suggestion and the money seems readily available. They feel unhappy right within, whenever the talent keeps coming up but not in alignment with the course of study. One of them said to me during the lectures, ‘‘ My brother, honestly I do not know why am studying this course but cannot quit''.

As his true friend at the point of the need, I saw the trust he has on me telling him the right path to continue with. He needed hope and courage as his heart expects the friend indeed to do the needful. Some people will suggest that he should give up and go for what he feels is the best or he can meet a psychologist in other to understand better but my only reply was, ''friend, do not limit your ability and capacity, it takes time for the day to beat the night'' and today, he remains one of the top flyers in the course he felt meaningless about.   

Let’s take a break and reflect on the impact friendship has made in recent times. In every stage of life, you meet new friends, if you do not encounter them, then you are not yet in the next phase. The most acknowledging fact is that you always have a lesson to learn. 

The time tickles, the morning breaks and the cock crows, dreams become reality. When in the same mission with friends who have the same vision, you make a bold smile and thumbs up to fate. 


Very inspiring and heart touching. I absolutely loved reading this. Keep it up..... :) Thank you so much brother

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